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Thanksgiving 2015

It was another typical morning for my niece. Once again, she was running behind, having spent way too much time getting ready. So out of the door she got ready to run, without eating breakfast. When I insisted she grab a breakfast bar, she said they were out. Of course, I’d already looked through my sister’s pantry the night before, just checking out what was there. So I’d already seen a brand new box of my new favorite, BelVita breakfast bars.  She admitted she’d forgotten they had just purchased some, and grabbed one before leaving. As she did, my final words to her “It would be too ironic for you to be serving a meal to those who don’t have any food; and then you pass out from not eating, even though you DO have food!”

You see, my 17 year old niece was doing something I was very proud of — spending her Thanksgiving morning, along with her mom, serving meals at her church to those who didn’t have the means to buy, prepare and enjoy their own. They do more than just serve the food; they also spend time with those families and others who stop by.

Sometimes, I think my nieces and nephews don’t consciously think about what they have available to them every single day. I suppose it’s something we all can be guilty of at one time or another. Just last night, a nephew who had been visiting that evening, wanted my sister to stop by McDonalds on the way back home. Yes, it was way past dinnertime, and she should have prepared him something to eat. But, the fact that she had already told him she didn’t have any money on her, AND that they had plenty of food back at home where they were heading, didn’t phase him. He still wanted to stop and get something from a fast food restaurant; inspire of the fact that he didn’t have any money on him either.

I don’t know what decision she made once she got into the car and headed home. But I really hope she drove straight there and made him eat something they already had in the house.

I thought also about how many times we give in to the “easy,” with no thought of the practical. We go to fast food restaurants, order take out, have pizza delivered (one of the first things my nephew wanted earlier in the day) — all while our pantries are full; refrigerators well-stocked; and cabinets hold all of the extra snacks for those movie nights and drop by friend moments, without giving it a second thought. I would argue that unless one of “those” commercials come on during our favorite sitcom, we don’t regularly think about how many families aren’t warm and sitting in front of TV enjoying the latest episode of anything. Or how many are going to bed at night just as hungry as they were that morning?

Thanksgiving is a time when we can sometimes feel guilty about all of the things we have — the food, the family, our time with family and friends — especially as we’re reminded about how little others may have. I don’t want to walk around beating myself or anyone else up over the head, feeling bad about blessings that may have been bestowed upon us. But I do wish that we all could work harder to appreciate what we have; remember to thank Who it is who gave it to us, and allows us to have it; and be more open to share our blessings with others. I include myself in that group.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Why Sometimes the Best Blessings Come in the Smallest Ways

So while stopping by a grocery store today, my purpose was to pick up some milk, find something for dinner, and keep moving. I didn’t really have time to do a complete shopping trip, but had forgotten to thaw some meat. I figured about $5.00 for my two cartons of almond milk, and up to another $5.00 tops for whatever I was going to pick up for dinner. But the moment I walked into the store, there in front of me was a display of fresh, whole pineapple for only 99 cents. So of course, I grabbed several of those, and also three of the bags of salad mix that had been marked down to 99 cents — all because they’re set to expire AUG 21. Sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time.

photo 1 photo 2

After grabbing the milk I came for, and deciding to try a bag of black bean chips (really hoping it tasted better than it sound), I headed to the check out. Lucky for me, I was watching the register and noticed that the cashier double rang the pineapples, and at the original price and not the sale price. He caught the mistake, and subtracted it out and off the bill. Once my bill was totaled and I paid, I walked away slowly, a little confused by how little the amount was. I had 10 items, and yet my bill came to less than $10.00. I knew six of the items were 99 cents each, but I also had milk, chips, and a cucumber.

Confused, I went back to the cashier, who seemed surprised when I said “I think your computer took too much off the bill.” He just looked at me, laughed a little, and said, “I don’t know anything if you don’t.”

I stood there a bit longer, so he pointed me to the customer service and said, “but if you really want to do something about it, she can help you out.”

I’m sure he thought I’d call it a day, put the receipt into my purse and leave. But I didn’t. I went over to customer service, and repeated to her, “I’m not really sure how, because I can’t find the mistake on the receipt, but I know I underpaid for my groceries.” As we went over it, she took the receipt from me, went section by section, and finally just said, “well, I can’t find it,” and so she handed it back to me. 

My response to her?

“Oh well, I guess it’s just my day to be blessed!” I laughed, looked back at the receipt, knowing that this $8.98 total should have been almost twice that. Then I put it down into my purse and headed out the door. 

With payday still being two weeks away (bad part about only getting paid once a month), I decided, oh okay, I’ll take it!


I hope everyone had a wonderful new year’s eve and were able to welcome in the New Year with positive anticipation! For me, my resolutions for Catching Raindrops is to do a better job of sharing positive and encouraging news and stories here (in addition to the facebook group); and to encourage more discussion among the members who would like to contribute their own stories, ideas, and ways they have adjusted their lives to their new lifestyles…creating their new normal.

For me personally, my resolution also includes taking better care of myself — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that everything ties into one another. When you’re not feeling well physically, it can have an impact on your mental and emotional state. On the other hand, keeping a positive attitude when you’re going through challenges, can often times help the heal process. And eating well helps to build your immune system and body system in good shape in general, helping you ward off some of the other things that can run your down. So with that in mind, my personal focus is getting more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into my body, and less refined sugars and junk food! This should also help me keep focused too — which means being more attentive to this page in the future as well.

So happy new year everyone. Be happy. Be healthy. Be blessed!