I hope everyone had a wonderful new year’s eve and were able to welcome in the New Year with positive anticipation! For me, my resolutions for Catching Raindrops is to do a better job of sharing positive and encouraging news and stories here (in addition to the facebook group); and to encourage more discussion among the members who would like to contribute their own stories, ideas, and ways they have adjusted their lives to their new lifestyles…creating their new normal.

For me personally, my resolution also includes taking better care of myself — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that everything ties into one another. When you’re not feeling well physically, it can have an impact on your mental and emotional state. On the other hand, keeping a positive attitude when you’re going through challenges, can often times help the heal process. And eating well helps to build your immune system and body system in good shape in general, helping you ward off some of the other things that can run your down. So with that in mind, my personal focus is getting more vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into my body, and less refined sugars and junk food! This should also help me keep focused too — which means being more attentive to this page in the future as well.

So happy new year everyone. Be happy. Be healthy. Be blessed!


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