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The Benefits of Aging

I can’t remember which birthday it was. But I do remember that I was still pretty “young.” Not elementary or high school young; but you know, young; probably in my 20s. I must have been dreading another birthday, and vocalizing it within ear shot of my mother. She reminded me of how young I really was, and that the time would come when I truly would be considered “old.” But for that day, that time period in my life, I was no where near that place.

Then she said something profound; something I’ve heard myself repeat to more than just a few friends over the years. To paraphrase, “If you’re not getting older, you’re dead.

Leave it to my mom to be so blunt. But she was right. Aging was one of those things we could use to measure living by. We’re still here, turning another year older. Yah!

I remember when a friend of mine turned 50. In the age of social media, everyone shares everything. So she posted a photo of her AARP packet, and a disapproving look on her face, captioned: REALLY?

I understand exactly where she’s coming from. I mean, the very nature of the AARP organization was designed for retired people (American Association of Retired Persons). Who retires at 50; except maybe a career military person who joined right out of high school or college. Or perhaps someone lucky enough to have built a company that a larger corporation came bought up!

And let’s face it. When we were in our 20s and 30s, people who were in their 50s were the “older people” — teachers, relatives, and friends of our parents.  Now, we’re “those people.”

Sometimes, I do sit back and wonder where all the time has gone. I mean, how did I become a card caring AARP member? One moment, you can’t wait to get out of high school. The next moment you’re counting the years out of college in terms of decades! But there are certainly some benefits to getting older, besides just being wiser.

And AARP has plenty of those! If you’re a member, you probably already know. But if you’re not, check out all of the advantages there are to turning 50!


I knew about some of the discounts they offered, from discounted movie tickets, to savings on hotel reservations and rental cars. But I was surprised to learn just how many restaurants and retail outlets also participated in the program. I eat at Outback a few times a year, and had been eating at Bonefish Grill on a bi-monthly basis over last year, and had no idea I could have been saving ten percent on my bill each time! And while I knew I could be getting discount tickets for Regal Crown theaters, I just found out that you can also get three dollars off a popcorn/soda combo!

And for someone like me, who works in the live entertainment industry, you think I would have known that the AARP membership benefits also include discounts on some live events, including 15-20 percent off tickets for Cirque du Soleil shows!

Well, I guess it’s my fault for not checking it out before now. But now that you know, you won’t have an excuse. Getting rewarded for getting older? Not so bad after all!