Back to School? Already!?

Yes, it really IS that time of year again. Well at least for those who live in the southern states! While our northern counterparts get to enjoy the true time period of the summer months, most southern states head back to school before the unofficial, but always noted, Labor Day end of the season. For some states, like here in Tennessee, that means the countdown to the return to classes has already started, with some places in the T-minus three weeks, and counting…

Yes, I actually said THREE WEEKS! One Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets facebook community member indicated that her kids start back on August 1st!! Maybe that’s why stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Staples, and others have already started their big Back to School online push. A lot of these specials are only good through the end of this week. So even if your kids don’t return to school until September, you might want to go ahead and check out some of these super specials they’re posting. I found a link to a great website that lists each separate store’s school supplies specials: Back to School Specials

Hey, and an idea for those of you who don’t have school-aged kids, how about picking up some of these supplies yourself (several items under a dollar) and dropping a bag of school supplies off at your church for them to distribute to parents in need!

So get out and take advantage of opportunities to catch raindrops in your water buckets!

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