Water Buckets

Your water buckets are those things you use to catch the “rain” of blessings that you’ll need to sustain you, not today, and maybe not even tomorrow, but at some point in the future.  Preparation is one of the keys to success. While you can’t know every possible scenario that could happen in your life, you can have a plan to better prepare yourself for how to deal with the circumstances as they come.

Everyone should keep water buckets around. Maybe it’s maintaining your own savings account after you get married; or learning now how to turn your hobby into a revenue stream; perhaps as as single adult you take in a roommate so that you can put the extra funds away; or as a family you purchase a house with the purpose of turning part of it into income property so that you can pay your mortgage off early. Water buckets are ways to save money and resources today so that you have them to use later when you unexpectedly need it.

If you’ve ever been through a divorce, and suddenly found yourself dealing with the shock of returning to having just one income, after perhaps your spouse carried you on their insurance, and now you’re paying for your own, along with the house, and the new car that at the time seemed like a good idea, then you understand the concept of having something in those buckets. Or maybe you’re single and just lost your job and now there’s no second income to fall back on; no one at home to go out and work to help pay for the bills or provide some of the benefits that you just lost. Or you and your husband figured you’d “get around to” getting life insurance one day when you got older, only now he’s gone and you’ve had to use all of your savings to pay for the funeral. Or perhaps you still have your same job, but with the cost of everything increasing, you’re just barely making enough to cover your monthly expenses, with no room for anything else, but then your car breaks down, and there’s no coworker within 10 miles of you.

Life is full of unexpected surprises and unplanned stops in the middle of places you never imagined yourself ending up. And while we can’t control some of the circumstances that may happen to us, what we can control is how well we’re prepared to take on those circumstances when they happen.

So when it’s raining outside; the grass is green, the flowers are colorful and all the trees are thick with foliage, don’t worry about the neighbors or friends who look at you strangely because you’ve placed your water buckets around the house to fill up. Maybe they haven’t checked the forecast to know that there’s a drought coming by week’s end. Be thankful that you’re going to be ready for it.


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